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Committed to solve industrial problems through independent technology innovation. Provide customers with a complete set of engineering solutions combining the combination of equipment technology and process technology, mixing, separator making, electrode making, coil making, intelligent manufacturing system into the integrated process of lithium battery front to end wholeprocess.

Automatic extrusion(crushing) coating machine series

--Single-sided extrusion(crushing) coating machine

--Double-layer high-efficiency extrusion(crushing) coating machine

--Double-sided simultaneous extrusion(crushing)   coating machine

--Ceramic separator coating machine

Ultra-fine powder engineering

--Central control center

--Ultra-fine powdering system

--Liquid loading/feeding system

--Mixing system

--Conveying system

--Low shear force high-efficiency         pulping system

Industrial intelligent manufacturing system

Battery cell winding machine series

--All-tab winding machine for square shape   automotive battery

--Square automotive battery multi tab           winding machine

--High-efficiency winding and laminating      (stack) all in one machine

Electrode and tab production         machine series
--Automotive electrode with multi tabs         production machine
--High-speed battery cell‘s tab cutting         machine
--Electrode, tab cutting and slitting all in one machine
--High-efficiency laser tab production         machine / High efficiency laser ear  slitting machine

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